We assist French and international companies with their daily management and with more complex issues such as acquisitions, joint ventures, fund raising, mergers, the (re)structuring of corporate groups, corporate governance, management support and the defence of (minority) shareholders.


We assist our clients with all their commercial issues, particularly the negotiations and drafting of commercial contracts, IP issues and compliance. We have developed a particular know-how in the following industries: industrial projects and property development; contracts for research projects and innovative developments; regulations applicable to the public telephone network and contracts and bank guarantees in the areas of commodities trading, shipping and corporate finance.


Our firm is involved in the drafting, negotiating, structuring and monitoring of financing agreements and bank guarantees for companies, banks and financial institutions, both in terms of equity transactions and/or the financing of international business operations, including structured finance.

Our expertise also covers the issues of currency conversions, transfers of funds, anti-money laundering compliance and trade sanctions regimes.


Combining cross-disciplinary expertise in real estate, town planning, construction, environmental, business and tax law, the firm is involved at every stage of complex real estate transactions, particularly in the hotel, luxury goods, industrial and storage sectors. It supports the various parties involved from the project structuring phase through to the actual completion of the transaction. The firm deals with all the legal, administrative and tax aspects of complex property acquisitions (land, property complexes, buildings, luxury properties) and the organisation of ownership and operation (civil or commercial partnerships, commercial leases, long leases, usufruct/bare ownership arrangements, etc.). The firm also advises developers and other project owners on all types of development or construction projects (drafting and legal management of construction contracts, planning permission, etc.). The firm also advises on the financing of property projects (equity or debt) and on the set-up and enforcement of guarantees and securities.


We specialise in business litigation, arbitration and mediation in matters relating to company law, commercial law, property law, banking law, employment law, debt collection and assets recovery, shipping law, fraud and white-collar crimes.


We advise our clients on all the various aspects of employment law and its ever-changing landscape, be it with the drafting of employment contracts and employment policies or the implementation of disciplinary sanctions up to and including the termination of employment relationships.
We also intervene in the implementation of the procedures specific to each type of dismissal and other breaches of contract, the implementation of employment laws and regulations within companies, the negotiation between employees and employers pre- and post-litigation, the assistance in social management in the event of changes with the employer and the defence of clients in the field of criminal employment law.
Our corporate, employment and tax teams also offer assistance and solutions on share incentives and remuneration packages, especially for start-up and high growth companies, such as free shares, share purchase warrants, stock options and preferred shares.


The firm carries out General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance audits for companies based in France or abroad which collect personal data from European citizens.

Our lawyers work with the managers of SMEs and VSEs to ensure that their personal data processing is compliant with the GDPR, whether this involves the personal data of employees (video-surveillance, telephone recordings, cyber-surveillance in the workplace, drafting of IT charters) or consumers (drafting of privacy policies, rules on commercial canvassing, carrying out privacy impact assessments). We help respond to requests from employees and consumers to exercise their rights over their personal data, and to threats of complaints to the CNIL (France’s national data protection authority). We also act following a data breach (cyber-attack, intrusion, personal data leak) or to manage a CNIL inspection.

We also assist our clients in drafting and negotiating their contracts relating to the protection of innovations (copyright assignment contracts, patent licence agreements, etc.). We conduct audits of intellectual property rights in order to enhance the value of a company’s intangible assets in preparation for fund-raising or mergers and acquisitions.

Finally, we help to draft, review and negotiate IT contracts and support our clients in bringing their e-commerce sites, applications and marketplaces into compliance.


We assist our clients with corporate tax matters involving M&A, private equity, restructuring, real estate transactions and management packages both in French domestic and cross-border transactions and are regularly involved in complex tax litigation. During the structuring and development of your projects, we consider the tax consequences of your intended operations in terms of withholding tax, corporate tax, VAT, etc. and will offer you various tax alternatives.

Our law firm provides high-end analysis of the tax implications of your projects in light of the relevant international tax treaties applicable.


We assist our clients with all their projects but also their disputes in the areas of logistics, shipping and road, rail and air transport.

We assist owners and stakeholders in the sector such as brokers, managers and insurers in the buying, selling, building, operating, financing and insurance of ships, as well as in their disputes in these areas. We also assist owners, charterers and crew members on all matters relating to their employment and the drafting of their employment contracts in accordance with the regulations in force and whilst involved in marine casualties such as collisions, groundings, fire and explosions, etc. or arrests.