Cookies Policy


Uses of cookies

In order to make the services of our website more efficient, you are informed that this website uses cookies or other tracers.

During your visits to our website, these may be installed on your device subject to the choices and options that you have expressed or may express at any time in accordance with this policy.

Why this policy?

For the sake of information and transparency, the AARPI EOS ASSOCIES has drafted this policy to allow you to know more about:

  • the origin and purpose of the information processed during your visit on this website;
  • your rights regarding the cookies and other tracers used by this website.

What is a cookie?

Cookies, or other similar tracers, are data used by a server to send status information to a user’s browser, and by that browser to return status information to the original server.

The status information may be for example a session identifier, a language, an expiration date, a response type, etc.

Cookies are used to keep, during their validity, status information when a browser accesses the different pages of a website or when this browser later returns to this website.

Only the issuer of a cookie can read or modify the information contained therein.

There are different types of cookies:

  • session cookies which are temporary and deleted as soon as you leave your browser or this website,
  • permanent cookies which remain on your device until their lifetime expires or until you delete them using your browser’s features.

Why use cookies?

We use cookies and other tracers for the following main purposes:

  • to perform measurements and analyses of audience and attendance and your navigation on our website for the purpose particularly of improving our services;
  • to count visitors and identify how they use the website;
  • to count and differentiate visits;
  • to identify from which website or search engine you have arrived on our website;
  • to manage your user session;
  • to save your choices in terms of cookies;
  • to adapt the display and optimise the user experience according to your preferences; and
  • to implement security measures.

What are the cookies used on this site?

a – Cookies exempt from consent

In accordance with the recommendations of the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL), some cookies are exempt from the prior collection of your consent to the extent that they are strictly necessary to the operation of the website or have the sole purpose of enabling or facilitating electronic communication. These include session ID, authentication, load balancing session cookies as well as customising cookies for your interface. These cookies are fully subject to this policy inasmuch as they are issued and managed by the AARPI EOS ASSOCIES.

b – Cookies requiring your prior consent

This requirement applies to third-party cookies which are described as “persistent” since they remain on your device until they are deleted or expire.

Because such cookies are issued by third parties, their use and existence are subject to their own privacy policies, a link to which you will find below. This type of cookies includes audience measurement cookies (in particular Google Analytics), advertising cookies (which the AARPI Inter- EOS ASSOCIES does not use) and social network sharing cookies (which the AARPI EOS ASSOCIES does not use either).

Audience measurement cookies provide statistics on the use of various elements of the website (such as the content/pages you have visited). These data contribute to improving the ergonomics of the AARPI EOS ASSOCIES website. An audience measurement tool is used on this website:

o Google Analytics whose privacy policy is available from the following link:


The installation of certain cookies when they are not exclusively intended to allow or facilitate the communication by electronic means or when they are not strictly necessary for the provision of an online communication service at your request, are subject to your consent.

Also, during your first visit to this website, you are informed by a banner that if you continue browsing, you agree to the installation of these cookies on your device. A cookie will be set to remember your choice. Please note however that if you delete this cookie your consent will be requested again.

You can always amend your choice:

  • by deleting the refusal cookie;
  • by the various means described in the section “Delete and/or reject cookies? “.

Delete and/or reject cookies?

You have several options to delete and/or reject cookies and other tracers.

  1. Browser settings

If most browsers are set by default and accept the installation of cookies, you have the option to set your browser to accept or refuse the installation or use of cookies or to choose those you accept depending on their issuer. You can click on the “Help” menu of your browser to learn how to change your preferences regarding “cookies”.

You can also set your browser to accept or refuse cookies on a case-by-case basis prior to their installation. You can also regularly delete cookies from your device via your browser. Do not forget to set all browsers for your different devices (tablets, smartphones, computers).

The configuration of each browser is different, you will find below the main websites for help regarding setting up your browser:

for Internet Explorer ™:…

for Safari ™:…

for Chrome ™:…

for Opera ™:

The main websites for help with setting up your smartphone:

  • iOS: …
  • Android:…
  • Blackberry:…
  • Windows Phone: …

The registration of a cookie on your device is essentially subject to your will, which you can express and modify at any time and free of charge through the choices offered to you by your browser software.

  1. Publisher Opposition Modules

You can also choose to disable Google Analytics cookies directly by going to the following page: